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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions. As we are still working on collecting these questions, there is a possibility that your exact asked question and the corresponding answer is not yet part of it. Then please refer directly to us.  

Your Brandvillage Service Team

1. Terminology:

Certificate – what does it stand for: Here you should upload your registration document (not extract from the DPMA register), that you have received from the DPMA. This registration document contains the naming of the trademark. For word and figurative marks there is to recognize a graphic account/lettering of the trademark. Additionally the registration document also contains the name of the trademark owner. Here a potential buyer can see the graphic account/lettering.


2. Collection of data / Data modification: Help, I can not change some of my data on my own

This is intended and no a system error. Client data is to be reliable and not to change at all times. We owe this to our potential buyers. If you want to modify your data – for whatever reason, we will not question that – please let us know about the intended modifications. We will make the modifications for you!


3. Enquiries concerning your trademark:

Any kind of contact or enquiries are operated via the portal. Therefore you will not receive e-mails directly, but rather have a look at your Brandvillage inbox from time to time.