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Company adress:
Brandvillage GmbH
Kettenhofweg 1
D- 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Deutschland/ Germany

Tel.: 069 / 90 75 98  47

Tax number: applied

Identnumber: applied

CEO: Stefan Geisler (s.geisler@brandvillage.com)

Responsable for all the content reffered to TMG: Stefan Geisler (s.geisler@brandvillage.com)

Legal notes & disclaimers

The person in charge, Mr. Geisler, verifies and updates the information on this website. Despite all accuracy data may have changed in the meantime. Therefore a liability or guaranty for timeliness, correctness and completeness of the provided information and offers cannot be assumed.

Without prior written agreement of the publisher the content of this website must  not be edited, duplicated, spread or made use of in any other way.

Legal notes (disclaimers)

Please consider the following hints concerning the content and availability, the copyright and extern links of these websites www.marken-kaufen-marken-verkaufen.de. For the utilization of offers and services particular conditions apply which are separately pointed out.

1. Content

The content of this website is generated with the most accuracy possible. However the publisher cannot take responsibility for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the provided content.

2. Availability of the website

The persons in charge of the company “Brandvillage GmbH” will make an effort to be able to offer the service without any interruption. Even despite all accuracy system failures cannot be excluded. They reserve their right to change or revoke their offer at any time. For interruptions caused by non-error free created files or non-error free structured formats they do not take any responsibility.

3. Copyright

All contents and structures of this website are protected by copyright and property right. The publication in the World Wide Web or other internet services does not involve a declaration of agreement for any use through third parties elsewhere than this. Any utilization not permitted by the German copyright requires a prior written agreement by the “Brandvillage GmbH”.

4. Extern Links

The “Brandvillage GmbH” is, as a content provider, responsible according to § 7 section 1 of the German Telemedia Law (TMG) for their “own contents” according that it provides for usage, according to the genera law. These own contents are to be distinguished from the cross references (links) to the contents offered by other providers. Through the cross reference the “Brandvillage GmbH” provides “external contents” for a possible usage which are marked in this way.

Links are dynamic cross references. The “Brandvillage GmbH” did check the external content for a possible responsibility according to civil and penal law when first used. But it does not check  the contents that are referred to in its offer constantly for changes that could have an impact on the legal responsibility. If it discovers or is reported that a precise offer it provided a link to causes a responsibility according to civil and penal law, it will delete the link to this offer.


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The business model and the offered services of the “Brandvillage GmbH” are supervised by:Rechtsanwalt Sylvio Schiller (ASG Rechtsanwälte) http://www.f-200.com/sylvioschiller.html

This is to inform you that the company “Brandvillage GmbH” has a property loss and liability insurance and a legal expenses insurance with encashment. Area of validity is Germany.  

Despite accurate control with regards to content we do not assume liability for the contents of external links. For the content of the linked sites only the operators are responsible.

All names, terms, signs and graphics used here can be brand marks in possession of their legal proprietors. The rights for all brand marks mentioned and used are exclusively with their owners.